Doing it!
Waiting for my lift! #vacation #ilesdelamadeleine (at Souris Wharf)

Waiting for my lift! #vacation #ilesdelamadeleine (at Souris Wharf)

Captain’s log: day 1

985km in the bag. Most of it was easy peasy but the last 200km were REALLY long. Thankfully, I had a lot of music and treated myself to some car-aoke.


Off to PEI now and then a ferry to complete relaxation!!

Vacation + 5n5 update

I’m leaving for the maritimes in the next couple of hours. I’m a little nervous, it’s my first solo long roadtrip but by tomorrow evening, I’ll be on a tiny island between PEI and Newfoundland 1404km away (875mi for my american friends). Woo!

* I’m putting this here for safety reasons…solo travel means safe and smart travel* 

Last year, my vacation ended abruptly before it even started with a very big car crash so you’ll understand if I’m a little overly cautious AND nervous. I’m also wicked excited because I deserve this time to rest and refocus on me. Oh yes!!!!

I weighed myself this morning because I don’t want to think about my weight loss for the next week and I’m down 8 pounds for the 5n5 challenge. I’m really excited to see the scale move in the right direction and, if all goes well, which I’m sure it will, I should blow this challenge out of the water. *heels clicking*

Made it…

Vacation time. 




I know stuff like these things might seem like contrived malarkey, but this is actually really great list. I practice a lot of these items myself, and I have urged people that I love to do the same on a fairly regular basis.

While the thought of tackling all of these items may seem overwhelming (especially at first), being mindful of even just one thing on this list and trying your best to accomplish it consistently will help you to improve your self-perception and self-love leaps and bounds.

Progress might not be visible on a daily basis, but as with any physical exercise regimen, after a few months of these mental exercises, you will look in the mirror and see a transformed person, and you will wonder where he or she came from. Pinky promise.

I’ve been working on this kind of project for that past year and I’m glad to say that I’m reaping the rewards of self-love. 

You should 100% try it out!

You know that moment…

When your vacation is thisclose and you can almost taste it? Yeah that’s exactly how I feel. 

I can’t wait to hit the road on Monday morning!!!!!

In other news, I’m down 4 pounds for the 5n5. Woo!

A poem

Antibiotics are killing my stomach. 

Heart burn to the max. 

Antacids are counterindicated. 


It’s bronchitis.


health update

Going on two weeks of being sick. Heading back to see my family doctor in an hour. At this point, I can’t hear out of one ear, can’t smell or taste. 

Here’s to hoping that antibiotics make an appearance!

Productive Sunday morning - strawberry and raspberry jam :) #food #homemade

Productive Sunday morning - strawberry and raspberry jam :) #food #homemade