Doing it!
Happiness is

Going to make lunch and realizing that, like a boss, you packed a weeks worth of delicious and hearty chicken, leek, kale and barley soup. 

GOPY monday morning edition

GOPY monday morning edition

So is this what 30 is supposed to be like?

My best friend who got married this summer is pregnant. One of my closest friends and fellow serially single friends just moved across the province to live with some guy she just met. 

And I’m entertaining the idea of marrying Netflix…

When did this happen? Also, WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! 

  • most of the time, I don’t feel like I can post what I actually feel because it will make me look like the biggest fucking loser you’ve ever encountered
  • my brain and heart are doing a weird new thing called feeling and it’s a little intense
  • I really need a hug but don’t really know how/who to ask
  • That last fact makes me feel really shitty and worthless and unlovable
  • I’m going to try to sleep this off
Thanksgiving menu
  • fresh oysters
  • roasted butternut squash and leek crème
  • garlic roasted turkey with pan sauce
  • chive-y mashed potatoes
  • sautéed kale with caramelized onions
  • mixed greens with beets, walnuts and raisins
  • rustic apple pie
  • pumpkin-mandarin pie

I’m pretty proud of this one! 

a night of self-love

I took myself out on a date tonight to a floating baths spa. It was GLO-RI-OUS. I got pulsed light therapy, a neuro-spa massage and then spent an hour in complete darkness and silence while floating around. The floating was pretty nuts, at a certain point you don’t really know where the water ends and your body begins and vice versa. Definitely something to do again. 

Now excuse me while I go sleep!


I had one today. It was intense. I’m done being convenient. I’m done being loved conditionally. All of me is worth knowing, the good AND the bad. 

Ladies and gents, I call this a step in a lovely direction. 

Weirdest #snack to date: #beets and goat cheese. Thanks @julienph85 #beetsbearsbattlestargalactica

Weirdest #snack to date: #beets and goat cheese. Thanks @julienph85 #beetsbearsbattlestargalactica

Take it or leave it

I got terrible advice.

It was suggested by a healthcare professional that I add a clove of garlic in my morning juice to help with whatever is developing in my lungs (probably bronchitis). While I can definitely feel some stinging/germ fighting action going on where my throat is raw, I ALSO feel like I smell like salad dressing.

Note to self: garlic in juicer…lolnope!

Clearly autumn is here
  • All I want is soup
  • All I want are cuddles with lovely humans
  • All I want is to sleep with the window cracked a teensy bit open and to stay cozy under warm blankets