Doing it!
Adventures in dating

Holy crap, am I an awkward human being or what?!?! 

I’ll just chalk it up to being part of my charm…

Movers booked.

The owner of the company called from his vacation in Korea. I call that awesome business-ing.

Shit’s getting real!!


I just threw out so much crap. So. Much. Crap! There’s something very therapeutic about this though. So many papers are now shredded and/or recycled.

I feel so good about this.

Spring cleaning, brought to you by moving.


Sunday afternoon plans

- making boxes
- watching Star Trek: Into the Darkness
- drinking tea

Homemade Asian style coleslaw with avocado chunks. #sogood #vegetables #food #instafood #vegan

Homemade Asian style coleslaw with avocado chunks. #sogood #vegetables #food #instafood #vegan

Uh oh!

My therapist wants us to start talking about my food and weight issues. I feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack just thinking about it. I know that I have incredibly deep issues with food and body shame, but I don’t  want to talk about it. I  Saying all these things that I keep inside will make them real and I’m deathly afraid of that. 

Best #birthday gift ever! #art #drunkart #30

Best #birthday gift ever! #art #drunkart #30

I turned 30

Yesterday was my birthday and damn, we did it up right!

My mom held a lunch for me with some of my friends and some of her friends. We feasted on some (incredible) curried leg of lamb and drank a lot of wine! Then my friends brought me back to my place where people had snuck in and decorated. There was champagne and the most glorious gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free cake (we’re an intense food allergy group). 

That’s when the blindfold came on. 

A note: I knew that something was up, I was forbidden by my best friends to plan my birthday, so while I was expecting something, I didn’t know what. 

They put me in a car, and drove in circles. once we got to our destination, they led me around, up and down stairs (by then I was freaking out in excitement/nerves). Once they pulled it off, there was a table of about 20 of my favourite people in the universe (Internet excluded, of course). All these people had lied to me SO MUCH in the past weeks. A really close friend who just returned from a year in Colombia surprised me, another close friend had lied that he was stuck in Mexico for work until next week showed up. My brother and his girlfriend were there, needless to say, I was amazed. Around the table, there were people from every different group of friends I’ve had since well, forever! There’s nothing lovelier than seeing all these people from the different parts of my life get together, get along and create new friendships!

We spent the night getting our drink on and laughing.  One of my best friends had brought a blank canvas and everyone spent the night drawing on it, writing messages and all sorts of shenanigans. 

Today, I woke up with a little hangover and an incredibly full heart. I’m so grateful for the love of my friends and family. This was definitely the most wonderful start to what I know will be a wonderful decade. 

Last day of my twenties


Catch up
  • My food intake has been incredibly solid recently, it’s like something is shifting and all I want are veggies. 
  • Of course with that comes a hearty dose of heartburn. Woo…
  • I turn 30 in 3 days. 
  • I do not have my shit together and feel like I’m going to be that adult who hasn’t grown up yet.
  • I signed the lease on my new apartment. I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait!
  • This is the first time that I’ve ever wanted to decorate where I live. I don’t usually feel at home and therefore don’t really feel the need to hang things on the walls. This place, I need to make it as home-y as humanly possible!!!
  • Pinterest is the devil. 
  • It’s finally warm enough to consider running. I will not register for the first 5k that I wanted to do because it’s in 2 weeks and I have not done a single thing. I don’t mind not being amazing, but I don’t want to end up disappointed in myself because I haven’t done enough to prepare. (does that make sense? I feel like it might not…)
  • I have discovered a box right next to the new place. I’m going to go check it out this week to see about their prices and just get a feel of the vibe. 
  • I need to sleep more…

Ok, that’s it. Night Internet!