Doing it!
Asking for help…

Dear Internet, I find myself in a strange place asking this as a non-believer, but bear with me please. 

My good friend E. has been in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. He went in for surgery for diverticulitis which didn’t go well. A couple of days later, his colon ruptured and had to be removed. A few days after that, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and is now fighting another infection on top of that. He might need a third surgery in as many weeks. 

This guy is a barrel of laughs. He’s an amazing dad to his two sons and he and his boyfriend are people that I hold very very close to my heart. 

So Internet, what I’m asking you all is to include E and his family in your thoughts, prayers, meditations, whatever. I’m so scared and only ask because at this point because I don’t know what else to do…

I may have overestimated my level of health. My throat burns and I want soup.

On a scale of one to terrible idea, how bad would it be to go through my contact list to find someone to come over and cuddle?

unexpected day off!

I’ve been fighting a throat virus for a few days and woke up with no voice. I went to see the doctor who told me that I’m not contagious, that I don’t need drugs BUT that she recommends a day of doing nothing but drinking tea and taking naps. 

My kind of doctor :)


When I mentioned it last week, a few folks seemed interested in doing a new 4n4 Challenge thing. The idea is to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks with weekly weigh-ins and posts for accountability.

Since there are 5 weeks until Labor Day (from today), I’m going to switch it up…

These used to really help me out. I’m in.

New favourite thing

Goat milk butter. 

I am in lactose intolerant HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*happy dance*


I had challenged myself to go on an adventure this weekend.

This morning, I saw that there is a meditation workshop at my yoga studio…

Challenge ACCEPTED!

I don’t know about you all, but I love living by myself. It’s awesome, I don’t have to wear pants EVER and well…yeah, ok mainly the pants thing. The downfall to this though is that sometimes it gets a little lonely. I can spend an entire (pant-less) weekend without speaking to anyone and I hate the way I end up feeling after that. 

Anyways, to avoid that feeling, this morning I decided to take myself out to my neighbourhood market, grab a cup of coffee and just sit and read. I don’t do this ever, but boy did it feel good. It was the perfect reluctant-introvert moment: being alone in a crowded space. It was a pretty glorious feeling if I’m being perfectly honest…just what I needed!

#brunch - integral bread, avocado, smoked salmon, arugula, spinach and poached eggs. #homemade #food

#brunch - integral bread, avocado, smoked salmon, arugula, spinach and poached eggs. #homemade #food

Tomatoes and hot peppers and eggplants, oh my!! #growyourownfood #gardening #food

Tomatoes and hot peppers and eggplants, oh my!! #growyourownfood #gardening #food

Knitter issue #4

So, I just just started making a spiderman blanket for a friend of mine who is having a baby in November. 

I may have to make a second one because I want one now…